Christ’s Resurrection Gives You Peace

Luke 24:36-49

Christ's resurrection gives you peace from conflicting thoughts, peace that Scripture is fulfilled, and peace in God’s promises.

Christ’s Resurrection Gives You Peace
byPastor Fred Schurman

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As Christ makes his first resurrection appearance to the disciples, he pronounces peace to them. This is not a wish for peace, but something he is actually giving to them in his appearance. Christ’s resurrection gives you peace in the same way that it did his disciples. His disciples had conflicting thoughts. They saw the Lord but could not accept the fact that he was standing in front of them. Jesus would give them peace from these conflicting thoughts, and he does the same for you. He gave them and us peace by explaining that the Scriptures were fulfilled by his resurrection. He also gave them peace in knowing that he was sending them what the Heavenly Father had promised. Today this gives you peace in knowing that God also has made promises to you and he keeps them.

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