How Do You Keep Watch for the Return of the King?

Mark 13:32-37

Jesus told us that no one knows when he will come again, but still he instructed us to keep watch and be ready for his return. Unfortunately, today many people, even who profess to be believers in Christ, do not. But we can keep watch by being aware of what we cannot know, by hearing and reading God's Word, by using our spiritual gifts for God's glory, and by using the binding and loosing keys when reaching out to others.
How Do You Keep Watch for the Return of the King?
byPastor Fred Schurman
  • [] Opening blessing and/or sermon text reading
  • [] Introduction
  • [] Know what you cannot know
  • [] Hear His Word
  • [] Use your gifts
  • [] Use the binding and losing keys
  • [] Conclusion
  • [] Closing prayers and blessing

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