Never View Trials as Proof that God has Abandoned You

Romans 8:31-39

Never View Trials as Proof that God has Abandoned You
byPastor Fred Schurman

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  • Since God works for our benefit, no opposing effort can truly harm us.

  • Since God gave His Son in place of our punishment it is impossible (inconceivable) that He would refrain from giving any good thing to us that comes in connection with His Son.

  • Since God keeps declaring us "righteous" no charges against us will stick.

  • Since Christ suffered the punishment for our sins, since the Father showed approval of His substitution by raising Christ, since Christ rules over all creation in our place, and since Christ is always interceding for us, it is impossible for the elect to be sentenced to hell.

  • Nothing in this world's tool box can remove us completely from Christ's love.

  • Old Testament Israel experienced that the world will throw its worst at us because it hates God, and He permits it to happen.

  • In the midst of the world throwing its worst at us, we remain the ultimate winner because of Christ's victory for us.

  • No powerful forces, be they spiritual or physical, nor geography or anything in all of creation can completely remove us from God's love.

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