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These are all of the published sermons from Lord of Lords Lutheran church to date. Pastor Schurman records his sermon during the worship services; those recordings are later posted here for public access.

The Sabbath rejuvenates us with true worship, not the worship of our sinful nature or the ways of this world. That means God is rejuvenating us with his Word which assures us of our forgiveness and our salvation. It also rejuvenates our toils with a joyful harvest.

God was Christ’s greatest good so you can take refuge in him. Christ delighted to make you majestic. Through Christ you are elected to eternal life. Christ has kept the LORD before him so that he is your counselor. Christ’s security has secured you.

The Reformation gives all glory to the true redeemer by showing Christ has finished all the work for your salvation; we see that all the work of the law has been completed for us, and the work of removing our sin has also been completed for us.

The Lord's Supper is a fellowship meal that unites us all together, it is a time for self-examination, and it is a true presence of the Lord’s body and blood. We also see that it is worship as we face trials because it nourishes and strengthens our faith.