Rays of Divine Glory as Seen in Christ's Passion

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For the 2021 Lent season we look at the moments where we get glimpses of Jesus' full glory and deity in the hours leading up to his death on the cross and his resurrection three days later.

The following sermons are planned for this series:

  1. Seen in Christ's Act of Repelling His Captors.
  2. Seen by Christ's Declaration and by Prophecy.
  3. Seen through Pilate's Wife.
  4. Seen by the Penitent Thief.
  5. Seen in the Darkness Before Christ's Death.
  6. Seen when the Barrier to the Holiest of Holies Was Torn in Two.
  7. Seen when Christ's Death Converts Sinners.
  8. Seen in the Resurrection of the Dead.