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When the Enemy is Hounding you, Take it to the Lord in Prayer

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Sermon Text: Psalm 143

When we pray, we must recognize: what we deserve, our burdens, our relief (and we know relief is coming), and God’s guidance.

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When the enemy is hounding you, take it to the Lord in prayer, recognizing that you neither deserve nor are entitled to God’s answer. God is gracious and, because he has removed your sin, he promises to answer according to what is best for your eternal well being. You also want to recognize your burden; the devil may be the enemy that is hounding you. Recognizing your relief comes by God saving you through His Word and Sacraments. Be absolutely confident that God is going to deliver you in His perfect timing. Also, recognizing that God may be using this to make you stronger in Him and to help you struggle against your sin.

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