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Timely Topics, Timeless Truths Bible Study

Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM at 5028 Casper Mountain Road (Map & Directions)

No registration required. Open to the public.

These topics/discussions do not build upon each other, so you do not need to attend all of them. Feel free to only attend the ones that interest you, and do not worry if you miss some.

September 4th:
Intelligent Design: Friend or foe in the war of worldviews?
September 11th:
Global Warming: How concerned (and how green) should we be?
September 18th:
Gender Identity: Who makes the call (and how)?
September 25th:
Session moved to October 2nd
October 2nd:
Santa Claus: Does the man in the red suit spell “Saint” or “Satan” for Christmas?
October 9th:
Secret Baptism: A grandparent’s right—or wrong?
October 16th:
Close Communion: Are we closing the door on reaching the lost?
October 23rd:
Duel Citizenship: Can my pastor talk politics?
October 30th:
Session moved to November 6th
November 6th:
Broke to Bankrupt: Does my faith let me file?

Note: this schedule is subject to change; any changes will be posted here as soon as possible.